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Residential Repairs:

We make your repair easy.  A clean, knowledgeable, and respectful technician will diagnose your problem for $49.00 and give you a written estimate for the repairs.  You’ll get an honest quote at a reasonable price.  Unlike many HVAC contractors, we fix problems, with no pushy sales techniques and only recommend repairs when they are needed.

Some styles of HVAC equipment we service:

Radiant and Forced Air

Radiant Systems usually involve running hot or chilled water through pipes that loop around the structure and radiate into the conditioned space via a floor surface or radiator pipe.

Forced air systems use a fan to push air through a duct system where it is conditioned by a coil on a furnace or air handler before being returned to the space.  Most systems in the Fredericksburg Virginia area are forced air systems fueled by either gas (LP, or CNG) or electricity (Heat Pump / Air Conditioner).


The Heat Pump

A heat pump, comprised of an outdoor condenser and indoor air handler, uses electricity to move heat from one location to another.  In the summer a heat pump acts just like an air conditioner removing heat from inside your home and exhausting it to the outside.  In the winter, a heat pump runs backwards removing heat from the outside and exhausting it indoors.  As the outside temperature falls, eventually there is not enough heat outside to meet the requirements of the indoor occupants.  At this point, a heat pump system will use supplemental electrical resistance heaters (sometimes called aux heat or emergency heat) to warm the air and satisfy the thermostat.

Heat pumps have two ratings for efficiency.  In cooling mode a heat pump is rated in SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating) just like an air conditioner.  Common SEER values range from 10 to 18+ SEER.  In heating mode, heat pumps are rated in HSPF (Heating Season Performance Factor) with values ranging from 6.5 to 9+.  The efficiency numbers are usually related to each other in that high SEER equipment also has a high HSPF rating.


The Air Conditioner & Gas Furnace

An air conditioner and coil are coupled to a gas furnace to make a complete heating and air conditioning system.  The gas furnace provides heat by combusting natural gas or propane and contains a fan which forces air over a cooling coil when the system is air conditioning.  Gas furnaces are rated in AFUE which corresponds to the percent of fuel energy that warms the air versus going up the flue pipe.  For example, an 80 AFUE furnace suggests that for every dollar of fuel purchased 80 cents is used the warm the air and 20 cents goes up the flue pipe.  Air conditioners are rated in SEER similar to heat pumps.


The Dual Fuel System

A dual fuel system is the best of both worlds.  It is a heat pump and coil coupled to a gas furnace with an outdoor thermostat to tell the system which heating system to use.  In heating mode, the outdoor sensor helps the thermostat decide which fuel type is most efficient based upon the outdoor temperature and thermostat settings.  When it is very cold outside (below 32F) a gas furnace is more efficient than the electric strips in a heat pump.  However, when it is above freezing outside the heat pump is more efficient and the thermostat uses it to heat your home.

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Air Conditioning


Having problems with your cooling system? Call The AC Guys today for a quick diagnostic and affordable repairs. Ask for our energy efficient Thermostats!



Gas or electric heat, The A/C Guys will get you up and running in no time. Ask about a quick CARBON MONOXIDE detector install to keep your family safe!

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Starting at $120 annually! Our Preventative maintenance programs are designed specifically for your system.

New Units

Free Estimates!

Our trained staff will help you choose the best system to fit your needs and your budget.  Call The A/C Guys today for your free estimate!

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